Informal enquiry chat:

15 mins - via phone or Zoom


Initial assessment: 

1½hr first appointment to discuss your health, lifestyle and medical history in detail.  Includes 2 additional hours Judy spends on research, diagnosis and planning and a written report with recommendations and next steps.  Read more about this on the My Approach page.

Available face-to-face or via Zoom. 


Follow-up consultation:

Treatment with acupuncture and any of the other methods that Judy offers.  Read more about what this may involve on the My Approach page.

55 mins, face-to-face


Note:  a course of treatment is typical.  This is usually weekly, spacing out as things improve.  For optimising fertility for natural or assisted conception, the evidence, and Judy's experience, recommends a 3 month preparation time of weekly treatment.  Read more here.

Mini follow-up:

Useful for discussing test results or questions that can't wait or be appropriately resolved by email.  Charged per 15min block, available face-to-face or via Zoom: 

£15 per 15 mins

Biomedical Testing:

Any biomedical tests recommended (usually blood tests) are charged separately.  You will always be told the full cost before they are ordered.

Additional items:

Sometimes Judy may recommend additional items for you to use at home such as warming packs or meditation recordings.  These are charged separately and you will always be informed of the cost before deciding.


By debit or credit card only.  

Three Ways To Get Started

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